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Cruise, Caribbean, Las Vegas, Mexico
Disney and Hawaii Specialist


Airline Tickets - to any destination. We always look for the lowest price and most convenient schedules.

All-Inclusive Vacations - are vacations that include not only your flights and lodging but can include transfers, food and beverages as well. These are most often found in Mexico and The Caribbean.

All Sports & Entertainment Travel - can take you to a major league baseball game, an NFL game or a major concert. Any event you can think of can be accommodated.

AmTrak Tickets - can give you slower paced travel at a modest price.

Car Rentals - can take care of your transportation needs once you're at your destination. We can expertly find you the best car and the best pricing for your needs and include it in your vacation package.

Cruises - are one of our specialties. We will expertly recommend the best fit for your budget as well as your taste.

Destination Weddings - are fast becoming the trend. It can be less expensive to take your vows on an exotic island than at your home church. We'll take care of the wedding arrangements and fulfill your dreams.

Disney Packages - for the whole family. Not only will we get you there, but we'll also arrange lodging, tickets, and meal plans.

Escorted Cruises - hosted by our owners. Truly this is the area that made Jensen Travel what it is today. Jack & Hazel have professionally escorted groups, both large and small, to almost every corner of the earth's oceans.

Escorted Tours - by many great wholesale companies. We will find the tour company that's going where you want to go. Skilled guides and conductors will be with you every step of the way.

Hawaii Packages - are on nearly every travelers bucket list. We are specialists and know the hotels, beaches and local sightseeing musts.

Hotel Reservations - can make or break a vacation or a business trip. Know where you'll be staying before you leave home. We'll match your budget with your tastes.

Independent Travel - is truly the most rewarding experience for those with an adventurous spirit. We will put together a package for you with a day to day itinerary or schedule a few key hotels or bed and breakfasts so your adventurous spirit can go as you please.

Las Vegas Packages - by the experts! Always thought of as a quick inexpensive getaway, we're able to direct you right or left out the side door of anyplace in town.

Luxury Travel - is very addictive! We will find a suite on a cruise ship, a hotel or an island just for you! We'd love to have every one of our clients live like a rock star, even if just for a day.